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About Us

The Virgin Voting Project

The Virgin Voting Project is a nonpartisan, educational organization dedicated to motivating young people to exercise their constitutional rights to vote in U.S elections. Our programs and campaigns are aimed at newly eligible young voters in addition to those young Americans who will soon be eligible to vote. Through web-based educational content, the Virgin Voting Project is dedicated to helping young people prepare to make informed choices about candidates and issues important to them without promoting any one candidate, issue, or viewpoint.

Our Mission

The Virgin Voting Project is focused on renewing the spirit of Democracy among young people in the United States. We’re dedicated to communicating the excitement of civic life in the United States to its newest generations and we believe that it is through this civic engagement that a new era of leadership and civic participation will dawn.

Who We Are

Noah Gray is a 20 year-old journalist who cares about the issues that affect his generation. His passion in life is to make a difference by motivating young people to think and become aware of important issues through video and film. He has a passion for covering live events, and he’s always been fascinated by how media can connect us with history as it happens.




Join Our Team!

We are currently building The Virgin Voting Project team for 2012. If you are between the ages of 16 and 29, have a passion for politics and issues affecting our generation, and are interested in using your skills to motivate young people to become more civically engaged, please send us an email at noah@thevirginvotingproject.org. We’d love to consider you for our team!