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We’re dedicated to informing the next generation about the issues that matter. Above that, it’s our goal to get these young people to the ballot boxes and polls, supporting the issues they care about. We further these objectives through several projects aimed at young people and managed by young people.

Virgin Voting

In the run up to the 2008 presidential election, The Virgin Voting Project wanted to review the candidates and their issues through the lens of a young person and first time voter. We crafted a short documentary to motivate young people to vote in the 2008 Presidential election. In the film, we went behind the scenes at presidential debates, forums and events and interviewed nearly every candidate from both the Democratic and Republican parties. We asked these candidates and their surrogates their advice on how the next generation should choose the next president. We also interviewed college students and asked their thought processes on choosing which candidate to vote for as well as what issues are important to them. In short, the film demonstrated that 18-24 year olds have the power to elect the next President of the United States.

The film won several awards and furthered our mission of bringing the next generation to the ballot box.

Miami Children’s Film Festival 2008

  • Winner Best Documentary
  • Winner Best High School Film
  • Winner Best Cinematography

Student Television Network, 2008

  • Official Selection

C-SPAN StudentCam

  • National Competition 2008
  • Honorable Mention Winner

Above that, the documentary was launched into the public arena and was used as a motivational tool for first-time voters around the country.

  • Used in 2008 Voter Registration efforts in all High Schools in Hawaii
  • Used in 2008 Miami-Dade County Public High School Voter Registration efforts
  • Excerpted on FOX News Channel
  • Excerpted on CBS The Early Show
  • Excerpted on CBS4 Focus on South Florida
  • Featured on CNN American Morning

Next Generation Network News

With the success of our 2008 documentary, we knew it was possible to use broad media appeal to motivate young people to get excited about democracy. We made it clear that young people deserve and are responsible for a voice in politics. In 2010, we decided that they deserve a place in the media as well.

Everyone gets tired of the news media sometimes. What to believe as truly independent news today is unclear in America. What’s opinion?  What’s news? Why is the news important? Our generation is constantly ridiculed for not caring about what’s going on in society, for not making an effort to become informed, and for not staying up to date on the latest news. That’s not always our fault: no media organization properly relates the news to young people and shows them why to care. That’s why we’re launching a network for young people, by young people.

It’s called Next Generation Network News, NGNnews for short. It’s a truly independent online video news network targeting young people and dedicated to bringing them news that’s relevant to them. Beyond that, it demonstrates why young people must care about current events.

We’ve created an online destination for young people across America to read about and watch videos that directly relate to what matters most in their lives.